Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Company That Did It Right at Red Hat Summit

Last time I took Accenture to task for a horrible presentation at Red Hat Summit.  This time, I'd like to compliment a company who did it right with very tight, clear messaging:  KSplice.

In a world of "leading providers of next generation technology" it is refreshing - and encouraging - to see simple, clear messaging.

Ksplice has a tool for Linux admins that lets them install kernel updates without having to reboot.  Wonder of wonders - they're sign says EXACTLY that.

As I walked around the show, trying to figure out what the other vendors did, these guys stood out.  It's blatantly clear that this is for Linux admins and says exactly what it does.  The first question people ask when they walk up is, "How does it do that?"  And you have a conversation.  Non-admins or people who don't use Linux don't need to waste their time trying to figure out if it's for them.  KSplice doesn't need to waste time filtering out people who aren't potential customers because they don't use Linux.

So that's what they said on their booth graphic.  No muss, no fuss, just for people in their target market.

Simple. Brilliant.  Efficient.

Key Take-Aways:
  • Know who you want to speak to at a show - and who you don't
  • Know what you want to say to those people
  • Say it
  • Simply.
Next Up: More praise for Ksplice.

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